Unlock the power of INGMAR, a Movie and Series WordPress Theme seamlessly integrated with TMDB API. Elevate your website with dynamic content and stunning visuals.



A new design concept in Themes for Movie and Series blogs

INGMAR is a WordPress Theme for movie/series or news blogs, built with Bootstrap 4 and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro. Ideal for professional critics, bloggers, influencers or cinema fans who love writing reviews and are looking for a special, complete and simple solution to configure, and at the same time is visually pleasing. The UI and UX are inspired by media players and mobile apps but thought and applied to a unique movie blog/news experience.

With INGMAR, you can write posts and reviews with scores about cinema and add movies/series with technical info like a year, duration, trailer, MPAA rate, poster, and background image, and add the Actors and Directors. Also now you can import some data with TMDB API included on Theme Settings. All elements combined make a database-similar web ideal for cinephiles and niche readers.

The theme also includes MOVIEFY, a dedicated ebook in PDF format of our authority, containing a full collection of 103 custom movie posters art in Swiss design style, ready for printing and enjoyment.

The name INGMAR is due to Ingmar Bergman, one of the best film directors of modernity. The icon that represents the theme is a “postmodern” interpretation of his film “The Seventh Seal”.




  • Demo updated
  • Added Ajax Search plugin
  • Added Facet plugin
  • Added the options to turn on/off the “More Post” slide and the “Back to Top” arrow
  • Fixed some CSS styles
  • Redesigned frontend on Movies and Series single templates. Added Tabs and “load more” button for larger content.
  • Compatible with latest WP version

  • Added extra fields on API import for Movies and Series
  • Fixed issue on “Director” card on Movies and Series
  • Renewed Actor and Director Taxonomy template


  • Demo updated
  • Added TMDB API feature
  • Added RTL feature
  • Updated Font Awesome
  • Remade Single Movies frontend
  • Added Series Custom Post Type
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons plugin (mandatory)
  • Fixed some CSS styles and functions

  • Demo updated
  • Compatible with latest WP version


  • Theme now uses ProfilePress for the login, register and edit profile pages (optional)
  • Demo updated
  • Fixed some CSS styles


  • Changed some page headings to H1
  • Added new Cast Repeater field with Actors character text field to Movies CPT
  • Added Custom Buttons Repeater field to Movies CPT
  • Restyled single movies template
  • Added AZ Actors and Directors page templates with pagination
  • Added Classic Editor and Classic Widgets to TGM


  • Fixed some CSS styles and functions
  • Added new AZ directors pages


  • Fixed some CSS styles
  • Added new AZ actors page


  • Added new custom fields for existing home modules


  • Demo updated
  • Compatible with WP 6.0
  • Added new color switches
  • Added new custom fields for existing home modules
  • Fixed some CSS styles


  • Demo updated
  • Compatible with WP 5.8.2
  • Added Theme Updater


  • Demo updated
  • Compatible with WP 5.8
  • Updated Documentation


  • Demo updated
  • Updated Documentation PDF


  • Demo updated
  • Compatible with WP 5.7 and PHP 8


  • Demo updated
  • Removed Dark Mode Switch with JS and replaced with WP Night Mode and custom CSS Code
  • Compatible with WP 5.6


  • Code optimized
  • Added child theme for users which want to add custom code
  • Demo updated


  • Deleted Wishlist plugin optional integration


  • WP 5.5 and PHP 7.4 compatibility


  • New optional plugins for expand theme functions: Wishlist and Frontend Forms
  • New card style for actors and directors
  • Fixed dropdown menu clickable area
  • Added new page templates
  • Added Capital Letter (Drop Cap) option
  • Added new Posters to Pack
  • Removed Search Bar option for only use Modal search
  • Loco Translate compatible


  • Added new Single Template
  • Added new Posters to Pack


  • Added new Posters to Pack
  • Tuned up some functions and classes


  • Added new Posters and fix some CSS classes


Initial release