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ZETTAI Elementor Version

The complete solution for anime sites made with Elementor Page Builder.

The Greatest Renewal for Anime Templates 

ZETTAI is a unique template of its kind, designed to propose a renewal (and why not, a revolution) in terms of web design for anime sites. It is the natural evolution of ANIMAG, our previous theme for anime news sites.

With a minimalist “App Style” aesthetic and characteristic rounded edges on our products, ZETTAI is designed to create your own anime news site and database, similar to the most popular anime news sites. Being created with Elementor, it is possible to customize it easily and without limitations, changing colors, fonts and the arrangement of the elements on the canvas.

But the most interesting thing about ZETTAI is the possibility of not only posting news and reviews, but also building a database of tv series, movies, actors and directors, each one with its score assigned by an editor, and who can also rate them with stars the users when registering. It also has filters for files and live search in the header bar, making the user experience more friendly.

We hope that this template can create its own revolution and users become part of it. You can also contact us for any questions or other possible customizations.


1.0 – October 2021

  • Initial release