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ZETTAI Bootstrap Version

The best choice to easily build your own stylish anime entertainment site.


The beginning of the renewal of Anime Templates

ZETTAI is a unique template of its kind, designed to propose a renewal (and why not, a revolution) in terms of web design for anime sites. It is the natural evolution of ANIMAG, our previous theme for anime news sites.

With a minimalist “App Style” aesthetic and characteristic rounded edges on our products, ZETTAI is designed to create your own anime news site and database, similar to the most popular anime news sites. Being created with Bootstrap and ACF, it is possible to customize it easily, changing colors, enabling preset modules, using a Dark Mode included and filling the information on custom fields.

But the most interesting thing about ZETTAI is the possibility of not only posting news and reviews, but also building a database of tv series, movies, actors, and directors, each one with its score assigned by an editor, and the common registered users can also rate movies or series with stars. The theme also has filters for archives and live search in the header bar, making the user experience more friendly. Simply importing the demo you are ready to have a full and functional anime news and database site. Theme is also compatible with WPML and more custom plugins.

We hope that this template can create its own revolution and users become part of it. You can also contact us for any questions or other possible customizations. The Free version is also available for test/pre-sale purposes.


READ CAREFULLY: as all the WP projects, is highly recommended you have a stage site and a production site. First update the theme in your stage site and check everything goes fine. Then repeat it on the production site. If you have previously done personal changes such as new ACF fields or customizations, contact us before do any update of theme, because ACF is the core of template. Contact us for any question.



Version 1.0.6 – MAY 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Added RTL compatibility
  • Added Characters list on post types. A button appears on frontend when select the quantity to characters to appear
  • Added new fields to manga post type
  • Updated “Ramsthemes addons” plugin. You can get the zip on the Customers Download section

1.0.5 – MAY 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Added Manga post type (NO Chapters)
  • Added Character Taxonomy
  • Added Character Repeater new variants for CPTS
  • Added Manga Slider for Home

1.0.4 – APR 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Fixed CSS issues on navbar
  • Added new social icons

1.0.3 – FEB 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Fixed some CSS styles
  • Removed Search plugin, changed with Ajax Search
  • Removed modal Login and Register, changed with normal Pages
  • Removed unused custom fields
  • Added toggle on/off carousels, new social icons links
  • Changed single post and reviews template – December 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Fixed bug link for Ramsthemes Addons on TGM

1.0.2 – November 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Fixed some CSS styles and layout spacing adjustments
  • Removed Search Filter plugin and changed with optional Faceted Search
  • Changed Classic Editor and Widgets plugin as optional on TGM
  • New AZ actors paginated template
  • Added Masonry to archive posts layout
  • Added left sidebar for place widgets (used most on archive pages)

1.0.1 – July 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Compatible with WP 6.0
  • Fixed some CSS styles
  • New AZ actors page template

1.0 – October 2021

  • Initial release