ZETTAI Theme now supports RTL

zettai rtl notes

Importante changes on ZETTAI May updates!

New features took a lot of effort and was the result of something quite requested by users.

As the same on ANIMACE update, the main ones are the creation of the Characters taxonomy, and the possibility of using them in a Repeater to create a table of Characters and their respective voice actors, although it is also allowed to use only Characters.

First make sure to update the Ramsthemes Addons plugin to the latest version (you can request it by email or through the customer downloads platform on this site).

ZETTAI Theme now supports RTL



RTL Support

  • We set up a Yes/No switch that automatically adds the necessary classes to convert the entire template to RTL. You can also change the font using the child theme with custom functions and CSS.

Repeater to add Characters

  • Added Characters list on post types. The new repeater can add rows to show on Frontend. Set 0 to show all rows. After setting a number higher than 0, the button “All Characters” appears on frontend when select the quantity to characters to appear.

Remeber you can request our assistance, we are glad to help you on any question.