The BIG update: Anime Themes with ANILIST Feature

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Important changes on ZETTAI mid-year updates!

🎉 Introducing Zettai Anime WordPress Theme with ANILIST* Feature: Take Your Anime Website to the Next Level! 🎉

Attention all anime enthusiasts and website owners! We’re excited to announce that the ZETTAI Anime WordPress Theme now supports seamless ANILIST data import. Elevate your anime website with this powerful feature and give your users an unforgettable experience!

zettai wordpress theme anilist compatible

🌟 What is ANILIST Data Import? 🌟

ANILIST is a popular platform for anime and manga fans to discover, track, and share their favorite series and characters. With our latest update, you can now effortlessly import ANILIST data directly into your WordPress site using the ZETTAI Anime Theme.

🚀 Key Features and Benefits 🚀

  1. Automated Series and Character Information: Forget manual data entry! The ANILIST data import feature will automatically populate your website with detailed information on anime series, movies, and characters. Save time and focus on what matters most – creating awesome content!
  2. Real-Time Updates: Keep your website up-to-date with the latest information. ANILIST data import ensures that any changes to movies, series and manga details, actors, characters, and more will be automatically synced on your site when you update the post type.
  3. Sync Images: Engage your visitors showing automatically the posters, banners, and character and actors photos pulled directly from ANILIST. Impress your audience with the visually appealing anime website style of ZETTAI Theme.


🎊 How to Get Started 🎊

Setting up ANILIST data import with the ZETTAI Anime WordPress Theme is a breeze! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Install or update the latest version of ZETTAI Anime Theme (1.0.7) on your WordPress site.
  2. Navigate to the post type (Movie, Series, Manga) to edit and locate the “ANILIST” Metabox section.
  3. Place the Anime ID number from AniList site in the ID Custom Field. You find them when entering on any Anime Movie, Series or Manga, for example on “Weathering with You” movie the link is , so the ID is 106286.
  4. Use the switches to select what you want to import to the post.
  5. Click “Update,” on the post type and after saving watch as your single post on backend and frontend comes to life with fresh anime/manga content!


🎁 Unlock the Full Potential of Your Anime Website 🎁

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your anime website to new heights. Embrace the power of Zettai Anime WordPress Theme with ANILIST Feature data import and provide your users with a cutting-edge experience they won’t find anywhere else!

* AniList integration is an UNOFFICIAL WP module developed by us.

🔥 Try the Zettai Anime WordPress Theme with ANILIST Feature Data Import today! 🔥


✍️ Important Notes of launch version ✍️

  • Import AniList data simply placing the anime ID and saving CPTs. Works for Movies, Series and Manga data using the GraphQL fetching.
  • Generates automatically Actors and Characters connected table. This means that the actors and their respective characters are imported and saved in a table within a Repeater that cannot be edited since it contains the information as it is presented by the Graph in the AniList API.
  • Writes Actors, Characters, Staff and Studios as Taxonomy terms that remain connected to the post type.
  • Each time the post is saved, the same AniList information is imported and saved, that is, if any data is updated in AniList, just by saving (“Update”) the post again, it will also be saved (for example, an actor or character that was not added before).
  • To not use the built in importer, simply leave the ID field empty with the number (do not put any). With this no data will be imported automatically and you can use manual mode. For example, the movie “Revival of Evangelion” does not exist in AniList, so here you can perfectly use the custom fields that are already included in ZETTAI.
  • The “Staff” taxonomy terms are imported into the post but for now they are not displayed as a table (as is the case with actors and characters). This can be seen for a future update.


Remeber you can request our assistance, we are glad to help you on any question.