Story of Success and Triumph: Getting Familiar With RAMSTHEMES

RAMSTHEMES is an American company that started its activity in 2018. In 2019, it became an author for Template Monster. We are a new and young creative team that loves simplicity, functionality, and minimalistic web design.

Influenced by Swiss design and the latest trends in web design, we create WordPress Themes that look cool and modern. These are built with tools like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro, Bootstrap, and Elementor Page Builder. They make our creations lightweight and easy to (re)customize. We orient to users with coding skills as well as to end-users.

Our main templates work with the following platforms:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce Templates ;
  • Elementor Kits;
  • Graphic Design Templates and Mockups.

We update each creation periodically to maintain the consistency of every work. As a result, we improve every version of the ready-made solution.

We are currently two partners, one with a Degree in Communication and a Specialist in Communicational Design Theory. Another is a Graphic Designer. We started our private activity with clients in 2010 doing editorial design and web design. After almost a decade, we decided to start with a greater expansion. We chose another format taking advantage of the industrialization of WordPress. Our team stopped designing exclusively for individuals and tried to make our products with greater creative freedom.

Thus we got a brand-new idea and the name of the company. “RAMS” is a reference to Dieter Rams, the German industrial designer best known for his work for Braun and Vitsoe. “Themes” is a well-known word in the tech niche that many people associate with WordPress. Nowadays, we mix simplicity and rationality in design, and, believe us, these two features are not the easiest ones to achieve in this activity.

We consider Template Monster to be an ideal place to develop our creativity and fulfill our dream of industrializing what we do best: designing. The platform has helped us a lot with sales. It also allows learning to become a part of the global industry and implement different marketing campaigns.

We started by creating the first theme, called “RAMS”. It is a portfolio theme based on Bootstrap and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro. We took the challenge of mixing those two tools to make a lightweight product that gives access to all the components after importing the demo. It has easy options for end-users, although it is possible to use advanced options to extend the custom fields. The development process took time to test and revise. Furthermore, we implemented other plugins to make it even simpler for users.

RAMS – Portfolio Artist Gallery WordPress Theme

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RAMS is a minimalist-looking and app-styled theme that is ready to provide an ideal artist’s portfolio. It comes together with a layout configurator for a homepage and posts. As a result, it will take nothing to display all the elements as your soul wants. There are also six layout styles for your homepage. It is also possible to choose custom colors for texts, buttons, backgrounds, and other components.

Main Features:

  • fully-responsive design;
  • isotope and infinite scroll;
  • activable slider for home;
  • dark mode switch;
  • project styles and gallery creator.


Then, EXLIBRIS and INGMAR were released. They emerged as a concept after observing work by other designers in Dribbble. This work was attractive, due to the use of rounded edges and gradients. However, it did not have their realization because they were sketches that should show technical skills in portfolios. We said, why not create something similar, give it existence, and make it salable? (by the way, it did not resemble anything that had already existed). As you can understand, EXLIBRIS emerged. It is a WooCommerce template for book stores that has a piece of our personality with the design of the book covers. INGMAR, a template designed so that the user can create “their own IMDB” based on personal reviews, news, and a dedicated space for movie descriptions. In addition, both themes can expand their possibilities by integrating other plugins with the logic of ACF Pro and achieve more than incredible results.


EXLIBRIS – Book Store WooCommerce Theme

RAMSTHEMES also takes care of those who require WooCommerce themes. It is a rational and notable theme that is suitable for bookstores and editorial companies. Novices are free to configure all the options without having any coding knowledge. Experts in programming can handle more complicated customization options and enable custom fields. Your visitors will be ready to preview book chapters, look through dedicated author’s sections, and learn some related news.


Main Features:

  • fully-responsive design;
  • sections for book authors and book publishers;
  • horizontal sided menu;
  • activable sliding sections on the homepage;
  • PDF upload of books.


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INGMAR – Movie News, Reviews, Blog, and Database WordPress Theme

RAMSTHEMES makes sure professional critics, bloggers, and movie fans can share their passion for the film industry. They will get a chance to write reviews, share the latest news, and create a movie database. It has a clean user interface that can present your visual content in the best possible light. If you decide to create a movie database, you will get a bunch of marvelous options. These include movie cards with posters, Youtuber trailers, actors, directors, genre, and other details.


Main Features:

  • improved night mode
  • color selectors
  • lateral side menu
  • fully-responsive design
  • blog functionality


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Other themes such as ANIMAG, WOOLF, HUS, DIMODE, or PLAYME show the same intention. Users can count on Themes that have a minimalist-looking, beautiful, and useful design. Each of them follows the rule: “Less is more”. Note that each name chosen for the products is a reference to something historical, such as SABINA (named after the psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein), MODULOR (named after the system created by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier), or INGMAR (named after the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman).


In the new season of 2021, we dedicate time to creating Themes with Elementor. Our team thinks of users who seek maximum customization options. At the same time, we maintain the concept and distinctive brand of our previous creations.


ANIMAG – Anime and Manga Magazine WordPress Theme

It was impossible for RAMSTHEMS to forget about those who cannot imagine their lives without anime and manga. It will be a perfect match for those who want to share anime news and reviews. The package will gladden you with a massive set of powerful functions. These are an infinite scroll, color selector, custom banner spaces, search box, and many others. It is also possible to take advantage of a dark switch mode to make the user experience better.


Main Features:

  • clean menus;
  • optional Envira gallery for posts;
  • basic or centered template for single posts and reviews;
  • rounded or angled corner selector;
  • column selector.


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WOOLF – Furniture and Home Gadgets WooCommerce Theme

The next ready-made solution by RAMSTHEMS is all about furniture and home gadgets. The package will provide you with such stunning options as sliders on the homepage, color selectors, and WooCommerce customization. There is also a gallery slider. It enables creating a product page gallery that will showcase your assortment at its best. Do not forget about the availability of lateral side menus that will take less space.


Main Features:

  • dark mode switcher;
  • fully-responsive design;
  • contact form;
  • blog functionality;
  • the clean user interface on the homepage.


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HUS – Architecture Studio Works WordPress Theme

The next WordPress theme will meet the needs of those who need to promote their architecture studio. It has a modern and elegant design that will rock your online presence. The number of options will impress your imagination. As an example, you can turn to four homepage styles, gallery creator, search box, isotope filtering, and others. There is also an opportunity to add authors and collaborators to your blog posts and create their archives.


Main Features:

  • column select;
  • rectangled, squared, and masonry styling selector for posts and works;
  • compatible with a contact form;
  • angled and rounded corners;
  • infinite scroll.


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DIMODE – Fashion and Lifestyle Trends Magazine WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, RAMSTHEMES keeps track of the latest trends and tries to impress its audience with something unique. This stylish choice will be suitable for entrepreneurs, bloggers, or influencers interested in journalism of fashion, and editorial entrepreneurship. It has a fully-responsive design that allows viewing your content using different gadgets. You will also be free to add collaborators (as stylists or photographers) as custom taxonomies. It is also possible to work with single posts with full info on the photo productions.


Main Features:

  • dark mode switcher;
  • main image format selector;
  • rounded or angled corner selector;
  • search box;
  • custom color selector.


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MODULOR – Architecture Studio WordPress Theme

RAMSTHEMS has another WordPress theme for those who have an interest in making their architecture studio famous. It will be effortless to customize all the pages and their elements, thanks to a user-friendly Elementor Page Builder. A drag-and-drop nature makes sure everyone can manage their content without learning everything about coding. It is also critical to mention a cross-browser-compatible design.


Main Features:

  • custom fields;
  • gallery and portfolio functionality;
  • drop-down menu;
  • compatible with WPML;
  • blog functionality.


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SABINA – Psychologist WordPress Theme

SABINA is an excellent variant for psychologists, therapists, and counselors. It includes a multi-functional Elementor Page Builder and PowerPack. These two instruments bring a bunch of customization options and widget modules. You do not need to be a coding genius to edit your content and make your site special. There are also some editable sliders that allow displaying the latest updates and crucial info.


Main Features:

  • translation compatible;
  • blog section for the latest news;
  • color and fonts selector;
  • off-canvas menu;
  • drop-down menu.


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We also have pieces of our digital art, such as the MOVIEFY ebook. It is a gift that waits for all the buyers in the INGMAR theme. Here we give our vision of movie posters based on 20th-century Swiss design. Other creations (not only WordPress templates) are also available on our website.

We are satisfied to work with the TemplateMonster platform. Thanks to it, RAMSTHEMES became well-known in an industrial field with a great future. The marketplace does a great job promoting our projects simply and attractively for end-users, regardless of their level of knowledge about WordPress. In addition to TemplateMonster, we advertise our products on social media, so you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, and LinkedIn.

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