How to create a TMDB API Key and use it on INGMAR Theme?

If you’re using the INGMAR Movie and Series WordPress Theme and want to enhance your site with dynamic content, integrating the TMDB API is the way to go. This short tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a TMDB API Key and seamlessly implementing it into your INGMAR Theme.

Step 1: Register on The Movie Database (TMDB):

Read the notes on TMDB developers (

Visit the TMDB website ( and sign up for an account. Once registered, navigate to the API section in your account settings.

Step 2: Create a New API Key:

Inside the TMDB API section, generate a new API key. Follow the prompts, agree to the terms of use, and obtain your unique API key.

On Details tab place your site URL on “Application URL”. Recommended first test on localhost or stage and then on live site

Step 3: Access INGMAR Theme Settings:

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the INGMAR Theme settings. Look for the section related to API integration or TMDB settings.

Step 4: Enter Your TMDB API Key:

Locate the field designated for the TMDB API Key in the INGMAR Theme Settings. Paste the API key you obtained in Step 2 into this field.

Step 5: Save Changes:

After entering your API key, save the changes to ensure that the theme recognizes and uses the key for fetching data from TMDB.

Step 6: Test the Integration:

To ensure a successful integration, navigate to your movie or series post type on the wp dashboard. Place the ID of your movie or series on the field. Wait some seconds or minutes to fetch (that depends on the data download of every movie or serie). You should now see dynamic content pulled from TMDB, including movie details, images, and other relevant information. Other fields can be filled manually after the save.

You’ve successfully created a TMDB API Key and integrated it into your INGMAR Movie and Series WordPress Theme. With this integration, your website will offer an enriched user experience with up-to-date and dynamic content sourced directly from The Movie Database.