ANIMACE 1.1.8 Update Release Notes

Exciting Updates to ANIMACE Theme!

Introducing the latest enhancements to the ANIMACE Theme, designed to elevate your website’s functionality and user experience. Our latest updates bring exciting features that cater to your specific needs, whether you’re managing character lists, showcasing films, or providing downloadable content.

One of the standout additions is the introduction of Flexible fields for manual schemes within the Characters and Actors lists, tailored to accommodate diverse representations from various countries. Now, with the simple addition of these fields, your website can effortlessly showcase a range of characters and actors, segmented into convenient tabs on the frontend. This flexible approach ensures that your content remains organized and accessible, catering to the unique preferences of your audience.

Build manually the tabs for the Group of actors of different countries
Tab for Language 1
Tab for Language 2


Furthermore, we understand the importance of providing diverse content formats to engage your users effectively. With this in mind, we’ve introduced custom buttons for Movies post types, allowing seamless integration of download options and video players. Whether your audience prefers to stream content online or download it for later viewing, these custom buttons provide a streamlined experience, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Set the slug for the files page for Movies on Theme Settings
Go to Settings – Permalinks and hit twice to refresh the slugs
New available groups for Movies post type. Added the Custom Text field for the Download.
New Download button appearing on Movie
New Downloads page with the table builded. Can choose to toggle On/Off the Player or Table


These new functions not only expand the capabilities of the ANIMACE Theme but also empower you to create dynamic and immersive websites that captivate your audience. With these enhancements, you can confidently showcase your content in a way that resonates with your audience and sets your website apart from the rest. Upgrade to the latest version of the ANIMACE Theme today and unlock a world of possibilities for your online platform.


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