ANIMACE 1.1.9 Update Release Notes

New Features in ANIMACE Theme

The ANIMACE Theme has introduced several exciting updates to enhance user experience and functionality. Here’s a comprehensive look at the new features:


1. Redesigned Main Header Card

The Main Header Card for Movies, Series, Manga, and Novels post types has been redesigned. Data is now displayed in two columns, providing a cleaner and more organized layout. This redesign enhances the visual appeal and usability of the site.


2. Movie Parts List for Movies Post Type

We’ve added a Movie Parts list to the Movies post type on the frontend. This allows users to see the different parts or sequels associated with a particular movie, making it easier to follow and manage movie series.


3. Home Movies/Series Slider Settings

We’ve upgraded the Home Movies/Series slider settings by adding the new “Movies and Series by Taxonomy” module. This module allows users to display multiple latest post types filtered by Category or Genre, offering a more dynamic and personalized browsing experience.


4. Voice Actor Information on Character Taxonomy Page

The Character taxonomy page now includes the “voice actor” information. This addition provides users with more detailed insights into the characters, enhancing the depth and richness of character profiles.


5. Flexible Field for Manual Schemes with Flag Selector

The Flexible field for adding manual schemes to the Characters and Actors list now includes a Flag selector. This feature allows for the easy identification of characters and actors from different countries, adding a visual element that enhances the user experience and provides additional contextual information.

6. Enhanced Function Reutilization

To improve the theme’s flexibility and ease of customization, we’ve included “if function exists” checks on some core functions. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for developers working with child themes, ensuring better reutilization and fewer conflicts.


These updates are designed to provide a more robust, user-friendly, and visually appealing experience for all ANIMACE Theme users. Enjoy the new features and happy exploring!

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