ANIMACE Update Release Notes

ANIMACE Theme Update What’s New?

The latest update for the ANIMACE theme, version, introduces several exciting features and enhancements aimed at improving user experience and customization options. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

Home Slider Auto Toggle

A highly requested feature, the “Auto” toggle for the Home Slider, has been added. This allows users to automatically cycle through slider images, making the homepage more dynamic and engaging without the need for manual intervention.

Popular Reads Tab in Theme Settings

ANIMACE now includes a “Popular Reads” tab within the Theme Settings. This new tab offers several toggles to help users customize which popular posts are highlighted, providing more control over the content that captures visitors’ attention.

Latest Posts Module Enhancements

The Latest Posts module has received a upgrade with the addition of an “Excerpt” toggle. Users can now choose to display excerpts of posts, offering a preview that can entice readers to click through. Additionally, there’s a new option to select between displaying Posts, Reviews, or both, giving more flexibility in showcasing recent content.


New Page Templates

Two new page templates have been introduced:

Collections Page Template: This template is perfect for organizing and displaying collections of content in a visually appealing and structured manner.

Character Search Page Template: Tailored for users with extensive character-driven content, this template allows visitors to search for characters easily, enhancing navigability and user interaction.


These updates reflect ANIMACE’s commitment to continuously evolving and providing users with powerful tools to create a compelling and user-friendly website. Upgrade to version today to take advantage of these new features!